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Silver animation award


Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 13.47_edited.png

Move 'em Don't Mush 'em

This short animation I directed, crafted and animated aims to shine awareness onto the important role insects play in biodiversity and the quality of the environment we live in. It asks the audience what kind of environment we want to live in, and it shows the audience how to change it. Paper models, drawn animation and a rotating disk are all used to show how small and simple actions towards insects have a greater and positive impact on others as well as ourselves.


Early research into the benefits of biodiversity, and how to support it.

paper model 1_1.gif

Constructing paper models.

paper model 3_1.gif
paper model 2_1.gif

After simplifying the animatic, this paper restaurant and tractor went unused.

Untitled_Artwork 28_edited.png

More Projects...

Untitled_Artwork 28_edited.png
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