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'Mouth Full of Blood' Promotional teaser

Penguin Random House

The book Mouth Full of Blood discusses issues such as race and gender in modern society. Toni Morrison shows her reader that change and progression start with the individual's responsibility to act. She highlights how small actions can disrupt the norm, creating a powerful effect.


This short animation was presented to Penguin Random House to promote the author's book re-release in 2020; it was shortlisted by the client. The work was directed, designed and animated by a team of four (Oda Norlund, Anna Moor, Rina Torshina and myself). I developed the animatic, visual design and was one of two stop motion animators. The team worked together to discuss the book and to develop our concept for this animation. Small and repeated disruption is at the core of our work. The book pages come to life, highlighting the book's main themes.

My stop motion sections


Stop motion set up

Note light box .gif
Book day.gif

Developing visual design

Untitled_Artwork 28_edited.png

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Untitled_Artwork 28_edited.png
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