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In the Spotlight

The words 'light pollution' conjures up images of misdirected, just hatched, Floridian turtles. However, UK migration patterns, predator vs prey relationships and animal communication systems are also disrupted.

This character-based short film I directed, designed and animated raises awareness of light pollution's effects on UK wildlife. Tasked with the issue of how to make a moth likeable, the animation aims to promote positive action through its character and visual design. 

Educational Roots

Early research of issues surrounding UK light pollution


Visual Design Conceptualisation

Low contrast dark spaces to juxtapose bright blue artificial lights (light reveals the space)

Screenshot 2021-11-05 at 14.35.31.png

Character Design


Small . Rounded . Niave

bat light pollution_edited_edited.png

shadow-LIKE . Sharp . Villainous

Untitled_Artwork 28_edited.png

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Light Drawings

Have a look at these light drawings I created during the early stages of this project, before I took this character-based route.

Untitled_Artwork 28_edited.png
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