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Don't Break my Rice Bowl

From concept to the final outcome, I worked closely with Don't Break my Rice Bowl's team to create the book's cover, chapter illustrations and promotional items. I crafted the outcomes to speak to the unique combination of light-hearted adventure and the harsh reality of war themes the book explores.


Set during the Vietnam War, the book follows an agricultural advisor, named Eddie, who volunteers to help support the local Vietnamese as part of US President Johnson's 'Hearts and Minds' campaign. Initially drawn to the adventure and opportunity to make a positive difference, Eddie slowly begins to see just how horribly caught up he is in the war. 

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Chapter Illustrations

Conceptualising and creating 25 spot illustrations to mark the start of a new chapter. Each handpainted illustration is an object designed to give a glimpse into the key themes of the coming chapter. Based on archive photography of 1960s Vietnam, each illustration is an object also researched to look true to the time and place of the story. As a set, it creates a collection of artefacts that drive home the reality of the character's experience by looking through his eyes. 

chapter illustrations1.png
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chapter illustrations8.png
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chapter illustrations10.png
chapter illustrations11.png
chapter illustrations12.png
chapter illustrations13.png
chapter illustrations14.png
chapter illustrations15.png
chapter illustrations16.png
chapter illustrations17.png
chapter illustrations18.png
chapter illustrations19.png
chapter illustrations20.png
chapter illustrations21.png
chapter illustrations22.png
chapter illustrations23.png
chapter illustrations24.png
chapter illustrations25.png
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Map Insert Illustration

We decided a map was neccersary to aid readers visualisation and to harvest a greater geographical and contextual understanding of Vietnam in the 1960s

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Promotional Pieces

Designing promotional posters and bookmarks to market the book

Father's Day Poster


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Book Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

"Brilliant, moving and vivid... beautiful cover to cover."

Gareth J. Mitchell, 

Presenter BBC World Service

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

"It is about survival, and so much more than a story of war"

Dr Peter J. Woolley,

American Political Scientist

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