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Officially catching the bug at age 6, I've always enjoyed getting a little mucky with ceramics. From the creative to technical side of ceramics, I've learnt a variety of techniques and processes. Handbuilding and throwing wheel techniques, as well as technical glazes and kiln operations are all part of the fun! Now I work on personal pieces and pass my enthusiasm for clay onto kids at the ceramic sessions I've run.

My Ceramic Peices

cow with cover up3.gif

'Party Animal' Christmas ornaments


Clay man with earphones


The Throwing Wheel

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'Carrier Pigeon' bowl

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KIDS Ceramics Sessions

Teaching and guiding kids from age seven to fourteen how to bring their ceramic visions to life. I ran the ceramic station at a summer camp in the Catskill Mountains. From handbuilding and throwing on the wheel to glazing and firing, just take a look at what they made...

Pet Portrait - 10 year old girl


Chipmunk 'Piggy Bank' - 7 year old girl


Green Thrown Vase - 7 year old boy

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Exhibition day!



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More Projects...

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